The Stalker

The wind was howling just outside the door, and I was reluctant to open it. I heard the knock, but still I stood with my feet firmly planted. Should I open the door, I thought? It could be someone I don’t want to see, or it could be him.

Once again the knock came, and it was much more insistent this time. “Hello, who is it?” I called out. The silence on the other side was deafening, the only thing I could make out was the gusting wind. “I will not open the door if you don’t tell me who you are!”

Listening intently I could hear a scuffling sound, what in the world could that be? Still no one answered me. What should I do, I was home alone and was told to open the door for no one.

The knocking came once again, this time I mustered up her courage and looked out the window in the door to see who it was. I was shocked to see no one; there was no one out there. What was happening? I began to shake with fear. Someone was out there and they were trying to scare me, they must know that I am alone, I thought. Why would anyone do this to me?

My thoughts were racing like a raging wildfire as I ran around the house inspecting the window and doors making sure they were all secure. “This isn’t funny”, I called out. “Someone will be home very soon and you will get caught and go to jail, so if I were you I would go away now while you can.”

Silence, nothing but the wind outside I noticed that it had started to rain. I sat down on the couch and thought about turning on the television, and then I might not hear if someone was breaking in. so, I sat in silence and listened.

He stood outside in the darkness, with the wind swirling around him. The darkness suited him as he stood there brooding. She loved him and he knew it, why would she keep denying her feelings? He watched as she ran around the house checking the windows and doors, she shouldn’t be afraid, I love her, I would never hurt her. Yet, still he could see the fear in her eyes he tried to convince himself that the fear was not of him, but of being alone. You will not have to be alone much longer, love; we will be together very soon. Very soon…. He retreated into the darkness.

Please let me know what you think of this.


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