Writing the Story

Often I feel as if people that are not writers believe that a book or a story just happens. You, my fellow writers, know much better than that.

A good story never just happens, it takes planning, writing, research and oh did I mention writing? It seems that we are always writing, and re-writing. A necessary evil no doubt.

Today I have been working on my novel. It’s a mystery/thriller. I love the story, of course, I should right? But getting things just the way I want them is becoming a challenge.

Friends and family know that I am working on a book and they are always asking, “is it done yet?’ They should try to write an essay let alone a book. They mean well and I love them for it, but they don’t understand the blood, sweat and tears that go into the writing process.


2 thoughts on “Writing the Story

  1. True indeed! Writing any story is not a piece of cake. It requires so much of contemplation, peace and a creative mind, especially for thrillers. Designing a plot and then twisting it, is what that requires loads of ideas.
    I also tried to write a story and I just reached only the beginning part, after which my brain stopped working. Anyways, after that I became busy with my studies and couldn’t complete it.

    But seriously, I salute every writer for writing these great novels.
    All the best to you too! 🙂


    1. Thanks friend, for your insightful response. We agree that much work is required and life many times gets in the way. I am sure you will get back to your writing project. Keep the faith, and please keep me posted on the progress of your writing as well.

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