Finding Your Voice

As a writer, I know that the hardest thing that a writer does is not the writing it’s finding their voice. Easy right? Not really, think about it.

On your journey as a writer it is imperative that you find your voice, know yourself. How do we know ourselves? That is harder than you think. We have to be honest with ourselves, what are we passionate about? What do we love? What do we hate? What moves us to action?

All very good questions that don’t always have a clear cut answer. But when we understand who we are what drives us then we can begin to cultivate our voice. The writing voice is what sets up apart from other writers it gives us a unique point of view and a unique way to express ourselves.

When I first started writing I thought what can I write about that someone hasn’t already written about? I kept writing in spite of my doubts, that is when I realized that it really doesn’t matter what others have written about. The truth is when you write about something you bring your “voice” to it and that is all that matters. Write with passion, write from your experiences, and write from your point of view and it will be unique.

Just write, and write and write your voice will develop and you will find your writers voice.

Thanks for reading,



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