The Christmas Miracle

It was Christmas time and what would he do? He loved his children, but since their mother passed he had no idea how to talk to them. He needed to find a way to talk to Brooke and Ryan.

“Teenagers” he mumbled. Most of the time he didn’t have a clue what made them tick. His daughter, Brooke, now fifteen years old was his youngest. She had been so withdrawn and angry since her mother died and being the father he had no idea how to reach out to her.

His son, Ryan, seemed angry, at seventeen that may or may not be abnormal. He remembered a time in his teenage years that he was angry. How did his parents deal with it he wondered.

One thing that Patrick understood was that he and his children needed a Christmas miracle. Since Joy had died of breast cancer things had been in an upheaval. It had been over a year since she died and the kids were still not talking about what happened.

Even Patrick knew that this was not normal and they all needed so help to deal with what had happened. The thing is, he thought, I’m no doctor. Being a bank manager is all that he had ever known.

He tossed the mail on the table and went to the fridge for something to eat. It was then that he realized that he was the problem, not the kids. He couldn’t remember the last time he went grocery shopping, he couldn’t remember the last time that he really sat down and talked to his children.

The realization that he was the problem, that he was the one that checked out on his children hit him in the face like a bucket of ice water.

“What have I done,” he said aloud to no one in particular. He stood in stunned silence taking a minute to take the realization in.

“What can I do to fix this, it can’t be too late to reach out and save my family, can it?”

He needed a plan, he needed someone that could help him do the right thing for himself and his kids.

Patrick looked around his home as if seeing it for the first time. He understood now why the children seemed so depressed. There was an air of depression and bleakness about the house. That would be the first thing he would correct right after he went to the grocery store.

A Christmas Miracle, that’s just what they needed and that  was what they were going to get if he could help it…

From the author:

This is the first installment of The Christmas Miracle. I hope that you liked it and will return for more later this week.

Thanks for reading,



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