Seeing the Postive


Sometimes it’s hard to remain positive. Things happen in your life and it’s just easier to give in to the negative. I know I’ve been there. Thankfully I’m a positive person by nature so it’s not as big a struggle for me as it may be for others.

This applies to my writing as well as everything else in my life. There are times when I wonder if it’s worth it, if I should even bother. But the reality is I can’t stop writing any more than I could stop breathing. I write for me.

Having said that, it makes a writer feel good knowing that others enjoy their work as well. We spend time (lots of it!) and money to get our work they way we want it and we hope that others will appreciate it as well. Once in a while negative thoughts get in my way, but I work through them. Never quit, never give up and you will succeed.

Shelly Wyatt – Author and Resident of Fear Cove

Fight the Darkness…


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