The Death Dealer is the name of my new book. At this point the book is written but I have to go through it and “tweak” it so to speak. I enjoyed writing it! If you read Cold Revenge you will recognize the characters in The Death Dealer. I have brought Darby Benson, Jack Morgan, Carly Simmons, Fin O’Riley and some others back for this second in the three book series.

I know that some of you are looking forward to Carly’s story, but this isn’t it. Carly’s story will be told in the third book, yet to be titled. (But I have it outlined!!)

Darby Benson stumbles upon a murdered woman. This is just the beginning, women are once again turning up dead, but not in the usual way. These murders smack of a cult, but is it and if so who’s behind it? Darby and Jack are back on the case, will they be able to stop this Death Dealer or will someone they love become his next victim?

This title will be available on Amazon early summer.


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