The Death Dealer

Just updating everyone about my second book coming out in June. It is available for preorder on for the kindle.

The book is due to be released on June 22, 2016 I hope you will check it out.

The Death Dealer

The Death Dealer is the name of my new book. At this point the book is written but I have to go through it and “tweak” it so to speak. I enjoyed writing it! If you read Cold Revenge you will recognize the characters in The Death Dealer. I have brought Darby Benson, Jack Morgan, Carly Simmons, Fin O’Riley and some others back for this second in the three book series.

I know that some of you are looking forward to Carly’s story, but this isn’t it. Carly’s story will be told in the third book, yet to be titled. (But I have it outlined!!)

Darby Benson stumbles upon a murdered woman. This is just the beginning, women are once again turning up dead, but not in the usual way. These murders smack of a cult, but is it and if so who’s behind it? Darby and Jack are back on the case, will they be able to stop this Death Dealer or will someone they love become his next victim?

This title will be available on Amazon early summer.

Cold Revenge Book Signing

So excited that my home town arts counsel has decided to sponsor me and my book. On December5, 2015 at the Dove Valley Winery from Noon to Four pm I will be there to sell and sign my book. There will be wine tasting and refreshments, then at three pm I will be giving a writer’s talk and taking questions from the audience.

I am a self published author so I will be answering questions about how to get started. Honestly I’m excited and just a bit nervous. Okay I’m more than a bit nervous. Wish me luck.

Shelly Wyatt – Author and Resident of Fear Cove

Fight the Darkness…

Murder as in Cold Revenge

Why do humans’ murder? There are so many reasons it’s hard to keep up. But I feel it’s a matter of the heart. Revenge is a big reason, maybe not the biggest – I think jealousy is the biggest.

Revenge can be served hot (right after the offending event) or cold (months even years later). It takes a great deal of self control to wait for months or years and not many people have that ability. In my book Cold Revenge the killer has waited years to extract his revenge. Sometimes revenge is best served cold…

Shelly Wyatt – Author and resident of Fear Cove and on Amazon

Fight the Darkness…Favim_com-36914

Christmas Miracle Part 2

The day started out just everyday since her mother had died. The sun shown or it didn’t it really didn’t matter to Brooke anymore. The tears that she cried everyday were real and they weren’t going away any time soon.

Christmas, she thought with distain. “How will I ever get past my first Christmas with out Mom?” she wondered. She felt the warm, dampness of tears on her cheeks as she angrily brushed them away. She would get through this one way or another.

“The worst part of all wasn’t just the loss of her mother, but loss of her father as well” she thought.” No, her father was still alive but me might as well be dead,” she mumbled. He never noticed anything any more, it was like she and her brother weren’t even alive. Sometimes she thought about running away or worse, he wouldn’t notice, she thought.

What if she and her brother were gone, that would be two less things to remind him of Mom. What did it matter anymore, what did she matter?

Brooke stood looking out her bedroom window the clouds were dark and heavy, so much like my mood, she sighed. Her breath on the window formed a fog, her finger gently traced out a broken heart. Leaning against the window frame she drifted into her memories.

“Hey Mom.” she watched her mother working in the kitchen.


“I love you.”

She laughed and it reminded Brooke of bells tinkling. “I love you too, Brooke.” She turned and smiled at her daughter, “What’s up? Is something wrong?”

“No, I just love you and I never really say it.”

“Okay, fair enough.” She turned back to the cookies she had made and offered them to Brooke.

“I love your cookies too.” Brooke smiled. “You always know how to make Christmas special.”

” I have always said, that life is about the little moments in life. That’s what makes life special.