Moving Forward

Moving forward, sometimes that’s harder than it sounds. It seems that we has humans want to hold on to guilt, jealousy, anger and the past.

Why? Good question but it seems that all of us do it or have done it at sometime in our lives. We struggle to hold on to the negative in our lives and then we struggle to let go of the same things. It becomes this terrible tug of war in out lives.

How do we overcome this, honestly I have no idea. I just make observations, and over the course of my life I have watched and participated in many of these struggles.


Dealing With Life

Sometimes dealing with the changes that life brings can be overwhelming. People come and go in your life some pass on and some just leave.

I honestly don’t know which is more painful. Death is final, yes but the people in your life that die don’t leave you because they choose to.

But those that leave and never come back around or reach out to talk to you for years on end, well that is choice. They chose to leave your life, and never look back.

So I have to ask which is more painful? Both are hard to deal with no doubt.

I lost my Mother-in-law this week and I miss her already. Her death has hit me hard, I’m not the kind of person that lets everyone see my emotions, I tend to keep them to myself. Because of that people think I’m cold or indifferent but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Starting the New Year

2015 has actually been a terible year for me and my family. It started


out with my husband getting his gallbladder out. That didn’t go very well he ended up in the hospital for twelve days and almost died.

We ended the year with the passing of my mother-in-law. I’m hoping for a better 2016. Happy New Year to all wishing you all a wonderful 2016

Setting Goals for Your Writing

NaNo can feel a little like THIS...

Setting goals for your writing is important. Goals help us to realize where we’re going and where we’ve been. Not only that it helps us to understand time.

Goals need to be set, and written down where we can see them. I feel that it’s important to look at your goals everyday keep them fresh in your mind and work toward those goals daily. Even if it’s just a small thing, you are still moving forward with your goals.

When you set your goals you must understand the short term, long term, and the dream goals. My short term goals are my blogs, my long term goal includes writing a book, and my dream goal includes writing several books.

Goals are like a road map, when you set out with no destination then it doesn’t matter where you end up.

Goals help you to build a schedule for getting your goals accomplished. At least, that’s how it works for me.

You should revisit your goals are a regular basis to ensure that they are still valid for you and your needs.

Thanks for reading,


Helping Others


Writers are a great group of people, and I have experienced this here on WordPress, and Hubpages. I love to write, but there are times when I get discouraged, as I know that we all do.

What separates us from others is that we never give up, we keep trying. We may get down, but we refuse to stay down and I have to believe that persistence will see us through.

Persistence is something that we have to have, we need it in order to succeed. We must keep a positive attitude, help others and be persistent. I believe that this will pay off in the end.

Stay positive friends, reach out to others and persist! Happy Writing.

Thanks for reading,



As writers we are always learning. We learn how people think, why they do the things they do and so on. But we are also learning about other things, grammar, spelling, description, and how to put all of that together to tell a compelling story. We aspire to do just that.

Some of us write to inform, some write to entertain, and some of us do both. I like to do a little of both.

I remember complaining to my Dad when I was a child, “Dad I hate school.” He would ask what don’t you like about school? I didn’t really know why I hated school, I just did. His response to me was this, “You will learn until you die, embrace it. Learning is a good thing. Remember you never know it all.”

It took me some time to really understand what he was saying to me, but I finally got it. Now, I have a love of learning and I like to share what I have learned.

Learning is growing, we learn and expand our minds just a bit everyday. The world is filled with many wonders we will never live long enough to uncover them all, but we can have a great time trying and learning.

Life is a journey of learning – enjoy it.

Thanks for reading,




In my last post I told you that I was resigned to the fact that I didn’t make the fifty thousand words for NaNoWriMo, and that’s true. However, I am not resigned to leaving things unfinished. I like to think positive. I believe that the only way to move forward and get things done is to remain positive in the fact of defeat.

While I don’t consider NaNoWriMo a defeat this year, I also don’t consider it a “completion” and that’s okay. Why is that okay? Because I made tremendous strides while trying to reach the NaNo goal. So in my mind that puts me ahead anyway. Now, I will take what NaNo helped me start and this month I will finish it.

Stay positive and thanks for reading,