The Death Dealer

Just updating everyone about my second book coming out in June. It is available for preorder on for the kindle.

The book is due to be released on June 22, 2016 I hope you will check it out.


Murder as in Cold Revenge

Why do humans’ murder? There are so many reasons it’s hard to keep up. But I feel it’s a matter of the heart. Revenge is a big reason, maybe not the biggest – I think jealousy is the biggest.

Revenge can be served hot (right after the offending event) or cold (months even years later). It takes a great deal of self control to wait for months or years and not many people have that ability. In my book Cold Revenge the killer has waited years to extract his revenge. Sometimes revenge is best served cold…

Shelly Wyatt – Author and resident of Fear Cove and on Amazon

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Ever Wonder Why Humans’ Murder?

I often wonder why humans kill each other. I know that it seems so cut and dry but to be honest it’s not. There are a variety of reasons people kill each other one of them is revenge. Revenge is one of the leading reasons for murder. The act of revenge can be dealt out immediatly or anger can simmer and grow over years.

In my book Cold Revenge the killer has let his anger simmer for years and now he’s acting on it and in the process become a serial killer. The small town of Fear Cove will never be the same.


Shelly Wyatt – resident of Fear Cove

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