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Cristian Mihai

As of the moment I am writing this post I have  120,531 followers. Almost five years of daily blogging.

If you expect some how-to guide on blogging, some shortcut, some secret, it’s not going to happen. It’s all hard work. It’s all in the energy and time you invest.

Which is why the number one rule when it comes to blogging is passion. As in, write about what you want, as long as it’s something that fascinates you. It can be art, it can be photography, travel, food, make-up, relationships, psychology, quantum physics… it doesn’t matter. Why? Because if you feel strongly about something, sure as hell someone else is going to feel the same way.

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The Death Dealer

The Death Dealer is the name of my new book. At this point the book is written but I have to go through it and “tweak” it so to speak. I enjoyed writing it! If you read Cold Revenge you will recognize the characters in The Death Dealer. I have brought Darby Benson, Jack Morgan, Carly Simmons, Fin O’Riley and some others back for this second in the three book series.

I know that some of you are looking forward to Carly’s story, but this isn’t it. Carly’s story will be told in the third book, yet to be titled. (But I have it outlined!!)

Darby Benson stumbles upon a murdered woman. This is just the beginning, women are once again turning up dead, but not in the usual way. These murders smack of a cult, but is it and if so who’s behind it? Darby and Jack are back on the case, will they be able to stop this Death Dealer or will someone they love become his next victim?

This title will be available on Amazon early summer.

Getting Back

So many things have happened since the beginning of the year. Some good, some bad, but all of them required change and change is never easy, but still necessary.

Now I finally feel like I can get back into the writing mode. I still did some writing through everything, but not enough. I have several short stories that I’m preparing to publish soon, and I’m still working on my second book. One of the biggest things I struggle with as a writer is time management.

Time management is the key to writing, making the time to get your thoughts and stories down on paper or computer. So my commitment this year is to make more time for my writing by learning to manage it better.

Shelly Wyatt – Resident of Fear Cove
Fight the Darkness…


Yes I do spend some time wondering, I wonder what the world is coming too. I wonder when things will get better, if ever. The passing of my Mother-in – Law has me looking back over the past and reliving some really great memories, and there were a lot of them. I am and have been a blessed person.

I have been given some sobering news regarding others in the family and I pray that all will work out. But you never know when it’s your time, you never know when you will say your last goodbye to someone.

Moving Forward

Moving forward, sometimes that’s harder than it sounds. It seems that we has humans want to hold on to guilt, jealousy, anger and the past.

Why? Good question but it seems that all of us do it or have done it at sometime in our lives. We struggle to hold on to the negative in our lives and then we struggle to let go of the same things. It becomes this terrible tug of war in out lives.

How do we overcome this, honestly I have no idea. I just make observations, and over the course of my life I have watched and participated in many of these struggles.

Starting the New Year Off

Everyone talks about new beginnings and the New Year, I believe that you don’t need a new year for starting over. If I were to go by how this new year started for me I would be greatly disappointed, but I have a different perspective. I believe that you can pick any time or any day to start new.

Tonight we go to my Mother-in-laws viewing and tomorrow we say our final goodbye. It’s a sad time, but we will make it through knowing that she is in a better place, in a place where she is pain free and feeling great.

On a different note, I’m changing some things that have to do with my dog grooming business. I started out having a “partner” and we named the business Peabody’s Grooming Salon (not my choice of names) and now I am without               a partner and I have renamed the business Shelly’s Dog Grooming. I have to say I couldn’t be happier about the changes.