Today we choose the flowers for your funeral, as we all are filled with sadness and loss. I keep remembering your smile, and your love for your family, and even though I know you are in a better place I still feel the need to be just a little selfish.

Your loss brings back memories of other lost loved ones, and it makes me just want to go back in time for a little while and see them all again. I wish I had a time machine…


Dealing With Life

Sometimes dealing with the changes that life brings can be overwhelming. People come and go in your life some pass on and some just leave.

I honestly don’t know which is more painful. Death is final, yes but the people in your life that die don’t leave you because they choose to.

But those that leave and never come back around or reach out to talk to you for years on end, well that is choice. They chose to leave your life, and never look back.

So I have to ask which is more painful? Both are hard to deal with no doubt.

I lost my Mother-in-law this week and I miss her already. Her death has hit me hard, I’m not the kind of person that lets everyone see my emotions, I tend to keep them to myself. Because of that people think I’m cold or indifferent but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Starting the New Year

2015 has actually been a terible year for me and my family. It started


out with my husband getting his gallbladder out. That didn’t go very well he ended up in the hospital for twelve days and almost died.

We ended the year with the passing of my mother-in-law. I’m hoping for a better 2016. Happy New Year to all wishing you all a wonderful 2016

Have You Ever Wondered?

So have you ever wondered how¬†a human being can do some of the things they do? I’m sure you have just as I have. I’m a mystery/suspense writer and I love to watch true crime shows (I get some ideas there).

I sit there and I watch these shows and it never ceases to amaze me the things that people can do to each other. I mean really, could you kill your husband with anti-freeze? Well theoretically you could, but would you?

One of the programs that I recently watched the woman put anti-freeze into her husbands diet soda. He went to bed on that Friday night and didn’t wake up the next morning, ah but he wasn’t dead yet. So she tried in desperation to get him to drink more anti-freeze and he just wasn’t able. Being the wonderful wife that she was she thought she would give him a hand with a turkey baster. Yes, that’s right folks a turkey baster. She inserted the baster down his throat and commenced to “filling him up.”

Honestly, I sat there in disbelief. How could any human being do that to another I asked. Then the story got even better (not really) the police were onto her and were unearthing her dead first husband to see if he died the same way so what did she do? Well she poisoned her teenage daughter and left a suicide note. the note said that she, the daughter had poisoned both men and now she couldn’t live with the fact her mother was going to be blamed.

Long story just a little shorter, the youngest daughter found the oldest daughter unconscious and called for help saving her sister and the truth finally came out. But the mother never admitted what she had done, no she maintains to this day that she’s innocent.

I ask you who could poison two men watch them die painfully and slowly and then position their own daughter to pin the blame on her?

Murder is a matter of the heart, not a matter of guns. People will find ways to kill one another if they want to. The old adage “where there’s a will there’s a way.

Cold Revenge Book Signing

So excited that my home town arts counsel has decided to sponsor me and my book. On December5, 2015 at the Dove Valley Winery from Noon to Four pm I will be there to sell and sign my book. There will be wine tasting and refreshments, then at three pm I will be giving a writer’s talk and taking questions from the audience.

I am a self published author so I will be answering questions about how to get started. Honestly I’m excited and just a bit nervous. Okay I’m more than a bit nervous. Wish me luck.

Shelly Wyatt – Author and Resident of Fear Cove

Fight the Darkness…

Seeing the Postive


Sometimes it’s hard to remain positive. Things happen in your life and it’s just easier to give in to the negative. I know I’ve been there. Thankfully I’m a positive person by nature so it’s not as big a struggle for me as it may be for others.

This applies to my writing as well as everything else in my life. There are times when I wonder if it’s worth it, if I should even bother. But the reality is I can’t stop writing any more than I could stop breathing. I write for me.

Having said that, it makes a writer feel good knowing that others enjoy their work as well. We spend time (lots of it!) and money to get our work they way we want it and we hope that others will appreciate it as well. Once in a while negative thoughts get in my way, but I work through them. Never quit, never give up and you will succeed.

Shelly Wyatt – Author and Resident of Fear Cove

Fight the Darkness…

Writing for the Fun of It


For so many writing is not something they enjoy. I can’t say that I love it all the time, sometimes it’s painful just to sit and write a few words. It’s painful because there are times when I just can’t write, or I just can’t find the right words for what I want to say. They there are days when writing is fun and it just seems to flow. I love those days! Oh how I love those days! Sadly they are not as frequent as I would like them to be.

Why do certain people feel the need to write? I don’t know I can’t answer that question, but I do know why I do it. I do it to tell a story. I have so many stories bottled up inside me and they all want to come out at the same time, but that’s next to impossible. So I pick the one that screams the loudest to be told and go to work on it.

What’s your secret?

Shelly Wyatt – Author and Resident of Fear Cove

Fight the Darkness…